Anthology:Rainbow Bridge

アーティスト Om In-Ho

発売日 2002年 09月 01日

リリースタイプ 正式

ジャンル K-POPフォーク



If anyone asks who is the best blues bands of the Korea, most of Koreans would say that is ‘Shin Chon Blues’. Inho Um who is the root of the ‘Shin Chon Blues’ broke the 2 years of a silence and presented his best album [Anthologe]. It rearranged ‘Shin Chon Blues’ main repertories with rock, blues, and traditional Korean music to the new songs ‘Father’, ‘Tears of My Love’, ‘L.A. Blues,’ etc will make us feel the essence of the Blues music. Also, ‘Park Bo Band’ would come closer to us through their known songs: ‘Why Do You Call Me’, ‘Alley’, ‘Standing on the Street’. This album will satisfy the conditions of 30’s-40’s nostalgia and the young men’s rock spirit. Inho Um has a lot of manias in Japan also because he has coherent music and he will open the concert to show ‘Shin Chon Blues’ fine condition to their fans.



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