Movie 'Desperate' ˝Who is the Owner of this Life˝

アーティスト リサン

発売日 2006年 04月 18日

リリースタイプ デジタルシングル

ジャンル K-POP映画音楽



The best singer and the best actor united together for [Desperate]! Movie ‘Desperate’s leading actor Seung Bum Ryu and Jung Min Hwang with a hip-hop musician Lee Ssang. Lee Ssang made the promotion song and Mr. Ryu and Mr. Hwang sing it. This was very special case because there are not much chance to sing any promotion song with actors and singers. Usually Mr. Ryu has a close relationship with Lee Ssang and Lee Ssang was very interested in making this promotion song. The promotion song ‘Who is this life’s owner’ is slow tempo hip-hop music that has a story of two men’s lives. Mr. Ryu rapped with country accent (Busan) and Mr. Hwang sang for the melody line. The promotion song’s music video has gorgeous colors and stylish video which make the viewers to wait for this movie.



番号 アーティスト リリース 動画

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