Against All Odds

アーティスト フィソン

発売日 2006年 04月 16日

リリースタイプ デジタルシングル

ジャンル K-POPR&B/アーバン



The ‘Tucson’ advertisement music that is sang by Whee Sung and Jung Hyun Park (Lena Park). ‘Against All Odds’ of Whee Sung is going to reveal oneself completely. Whee Sung’s song that was inserted in only 15 seconds of advertisement was make people crazy, but we can hear this whole song soon. If you think Whee Sung is only a singer who can sing very well, then ‘Against All Odds’ will exceed all the common senses. The new concept, fighting with Korean diva, Lena Park made Whee Sung put his effort more. The other thing that we have to concentrate is that one of the great music video directors, Eun Taek Cha, made this music video with Whee Sung’s sketched recording still photographs.



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