Dangerous Storu (Digital Single)

アーティスト パク・ジョンヒョン

発売日 2006年 04月 24日

リリースタイプ デジタルシングル

ジャンル K-POPR&B/アーバン



‘My Day’, “You Mean Everything to Me’, ‘In a Dream’ of Jung Hyun Park (Lena Park) will release her new single album. Meanwhile, all of her last albums made Lena’s music world with her unique voice color and awesome vibration, but Lena’s first single album ‘Dangerous Story’ is going to define this album is just Lena. Korea’s representative composer Geun Tae Park who made a lot of dance music and ballad music and he finally meet with Lena for making her single album ‘Dangerous Story’. Mr. Park was focused on maximize Lena’s true voice color not just only her fantastic technique. Jung Hyun Park’s ballad music ‘Dangerous Story’ will release on April 15th, 2006 and it will make us feel her true voice color. Lena’s music video’s leading actress is Ok Bin Kim and a director is Su Hyun Cho. This music video was made like a short film. Marketing will also be like the promotion of one movie that is directed by Su Hyun Cho, leading actress Ok Bin Kim, and music by Jung Hyun Park (Lena Park). Lena’s first single album ‘Dangerous Story’ will make a new wave at Korean music industry.



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