Kim Hyung Suk With Friends

アーティスト キム・ヒョンソク

発売日 2006年 04月 14日

リリースタイプ 正式

ジャンル K-POPラップ/ヒップホップ



‘Hyung Suk Kim with friends’ – Remake album. Top singers (Ju Hyun Ok, Seung Hoon Shin, Si Kyung Sung, Psy, Jae Hoon Lee of Cool, Yon Kwon Na, Jo Han Kim, Tae Woo Kim of god, Hoony Hoon, Star, Jung Hee Lim) are participating Hyun Suk’s album. Hyung Suk Kim is a composer and producer who made hundreds of hit songs. Jin Yong Park’s ‘Behind You’ by Tae Woo Kim, Chang Jung Lim’s ‘Then, Again…’ by Yoon Kwon Na, Kwang Suk Kim’s ‘Because of Love’ by Yena Seo, Seung jun Yoo’s ‘Nanana’ by Hoony Hoon, Jin Sub Byun’s ‘You Come Back to Me Again’ by Jae Hyung Jung of Basis, Seung Hoon Shin’s ‘I Believe’ by Si Kyung Sung, Gun Mo Kim’s ‘Beautiful Farewell’ by Ju Hyun Ok and Psy in ballad and dance version. This album has many artists but only composer is exist in this album, Hyung Suk Kim.



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