Your Story

アーティスト BROWN EYED GIRLS(ブラウンアイドガールズ)

発売日 2006年 03月 09日

リリースタイプ 正式

ジャンル K-POPR&B/アーバン



Brown Eyes, Brown Eyed Soul, and Brown Eyed Girls. A female vocal group Brown Eyed Girls’ debut album, Il Sang Yoon and Bobby Kim was participated in this album. is one of this album’s song that shows BEG’s singing. Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) also based on oriental color like Brown Eyes and Brown Eyed Soul, but they add a R%B hip-hop genre to make a new genre that is a ‘hybrid soul.’ BEG’s music has R&B groove and powerful hip-hop beat; therefore their music is different than other R&B music. BEG has passionate about their music and abilities than their look and a lot of composers already recognized their musical talents. BEG’s first album Your Story] is a story that anybody have thought, or imagined story. BEG has perfect harmony, groove, and their own singing style. They lose the R&B vocal group’s weight and add a hip-hop beat and rap to make their music unique. BEG's music has very emotinal lyrics and straighted lyrics are united to stimulate women's feeling but also gives an image of tenecity. Different individualities of three vocals and one rapper made one group, and we could feel their colors of power and harmony in each songs.



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