Room Nallari

アーティスト チョジンタルペンイ(垂れたカタツムリ)

発売日 2012年 07月 06日

リリースタイプ デジタルシングル

ジャンル K-POPダンス



The "Sagging Snail" -Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Juck , receiving immense love and popularity at the Seohaean Highway Music Festival in 2010, is back after a year.

The 2012 project of the Sagging Snail was made possible by Lee Juck taking up Yoo JaeSeok's suggestion to "get together once again since once was not enough". That led to the birth of [Room Nallari]! Resembling their previous song "[Apgujeong Nallari], this is the second in the "Nallari series", with humorous lyrics depicting the narrator's pathetic situation as he is stuck inside his room on a Friday evening although in his heart he is out clubbing, because no one is inviting him to come out. Musically, the song reproduces the combination of the 80s pop and k-pop.

Yoo JaeSeok and Lee Juck are dressed up in bright colors in the music video, showing a comic yet chic dance duet. Their good friend Park MyungSoo and Kim JaeDong also willingly took part in the music video. As the protagonist, Park MyungSoo acts out perfectly the narrator who is all alone in his room wanting badly to go out and Kim JaeDong makes a surprise appearance as a brother who makes him seem even more forlorn.



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Room Nallari


Room Nallari


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